YSG CSR and Sustainability

Ethical Commerce, Sustainable Trading, and Community Contributions

‘Responsible Trading: Exemplifies What We Are.’

By clearly defining our ethos, we believe we can champion our industry in tackling key Challenges in Sustainability, Community Impact, and Corporate Governance. Equally important, we aspire to make meaningful and positive change as we advocate the way to sustainability. From the get-go, intentional, responsible actions and altruistic-giving sequenced our DNA. Ubiquitous in the 3 Pillars of our Corporate Social Responsibility - Ethical Business, Sustainable Practices, and Doing Good, our DNA is personified through our ongoing green initiatives and annual capstone Do Good Charity Drive. We aim to exemplify our greater responsibility to all our stakeholders in our shared global vision. Charting the course for a future we all have a part in building.

Our stakeholders are crucial in defining our Corporate Responsibility Programme.

The business and our entire supply chain are built on the identification and prioritization of the most important factors; to which we focus our efforts in addressing key sustainability and corporate responsibility issues.

We engage our stakeholders in a multitude of forms and are dedicated to addressing common goals and advocating them collectively with our suppliers and community. We believe in strength in numbers and are committed to building the right relationships to best tackle issues to environmental sustainability and the community in need.

Our Approach

We fuse our beliefs, our practices, and relationships toward a single goal – to trade sustainability at scale; driven by our 3 pillars. Through technology and our efforts, we aim to promote and advocate through our actions, affect a positive impact on the world we live in through responsible choices of our consumption.


We are committed to a number of aspiring sustainability targets;

  • Achieving zero single-use plastic target by 2025
  • Increase the use of recycled materials in our packaging and adhesive consumables by at least 50%
  • Move to an all-digital operation with a reduction in paper use by 50%


As we aim for that paradigm shift in the way we operate, we maintain our commitment to partnering with our suppliers and service providers to work towards a truly sustainable operation. Reducing our impact on the world and building a better future for our generations, in any way we can possibly contribute.

Our Customers

The basis of why we exist is to create memorable retail experiences for our customers. In all that we do we strive to connect with our customers through thoughtful communication and committed customer care. As with every business, we start with our customers. At YSG, our customer care team is trained to deliver exceptional service and proactively engages when we know they are in need of assistance.

Our Community

The goal of our community programs is to provide a platform of advocacy for other like-minded corporations and partners to come together to collectively give back to those in need and causes that support the society’s vulnerable and needy. We hope to inspire more support for causes and removing the barriers between commerce and community.

3 Pillars of YSG’s CSR