Cloversoft Bleach-Free Toilet Cleaner [500ml]

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Cloversoft Bleach-Free Toilet Cleaner [500ml]

Enjoy the scent of Rosemary & Ginger with our 2-in-1 Function:

1. Remove Stubborn Stains & Say Hello to Luxurious Clean Toilets!

• Direct nozzle under the toilet rim & squeeze the bottle. Scrub the toilet with your tool of choice.

• Flush to reveal a clean sparkling toilet bowl.

2. Conceal Nasty Smells & Say Hello to Odour-Free Toilets!

• Direct nozzle under toilet rim & squeeze the bottle anytime you want to disinfect and freshen up your toilet! Use me daily, weekly, or even after every poo!

I am...

? Antibacterial – Clean & germ-free toilets

? Glove-Free Cleaning – Gentle bleach-free formula

? Contains Natural Essential Oils – Keeping your toilet both clean & fresh

? Vegan & Cruelty-Free – No animal testing with a biodegradable formula

? bottle contains 500ml.

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