HOUZE - 'SLIM' Aluminium Ladder (3 Tier & 4 Tier)

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A standard step ladder is essential for the household. With space constraints, storing ladders can be troublesome. Our latest Slim Ladder - is only 5.5cm in width which makes it easy to store anywhere. Stability isn't compromised with its thin built, this ladder performance requirements and suitability of use are certified with EN14183. User-friendly design provides maximum comfortability to step on and ease of mind usage.

♦ Dimension

3 Tier Aluminium Slim Ladder

Open: (46.6L x 75W x 128.7H)cm

Close: (46.6L x 5.5W x 141.3H)cm

4 Tier Aluminium Slim Ladder

Open: (47.7L x 92.1W x 151.5H)cm

Close: (47.7L x 5.5W x 166.4H)cm

♦ Max Load: 150Kgs

♦ Skid-Resistant - The safety latch register keep you protected

♦ Non-slip surface on each ladder step

♦ Aluminium makes it ultra-lightweight

♦ Sturdy and Durable

♦ Foldable for easy transport and storage

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