Hario V60 Range Server Clear - 360 ml

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Hario V60 Range Server Clear (360 ml / 600 ml / 800 ml)

In Japanese, Hario means “King of Glass” and with this range server, it is clear why. Elegant design is paired with thick tempered glass to keep your beverage warm. Pair it with a v60 to make for a brewing experience that is as gorgeous as it is tasty.

Hario's classic "beehive" server made entirely from our heat-resistant glass. Microwave safe with or without the lid.

Item Code: XGS-36TB-EX Color: Transparent Size: W130×D107×H99mm Capacity: Practical capacity 360ml

Item Code: XGS-60TB-EX Color: Transparent Size: W145×D121×H120mm Capacity: Practical capacity 600ml

Item Code: XGS-80TB-EX Color: Transparent Size: W150×D129×H138mm Capacity: Practical capacity 800ml

Material Glass Server, Glass Lid: Heatproof Glass Glass Lid Sealant: Silicone Rubber

Made in Japan

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