IOMA Vitality Sleeping Mask

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Description: This light and fresh IOMA Vitality Sleeping Mask is to be applied before sleeping. In the morning, your complexion will appear fresh and radiance is enhanced. This night mask rests and moisturizes the skin. It will seem better oxygenated and its plump appearance is restored. Better nourished, the facial skin is regenerated and well-equipped to face external aggressions.

How to use: Apply IOMA Vitality Sleeping Mask in the evening onto cleansed face using smoothing movements. Leave it on all night. Use this light and fresh mask 2 to 3 times per week. Rinse off the following morning. To maximise the effect, apply IOMA Vitality Shot radiance serum before your day cream.

Ingredients: Copherol 1250C (Vitamin E) Nourishes

Isocell Map (Vitamin C) Regenerates

Hydrasome Plumps, fills and hydrates the skin, its matrix traps water molecules to become a “genuine reservoir”

Vitamin B3 Slows down the transfer of melanin to keratinocytes

Novhyal + Mg2+ Regenerates the cells to give new fullness to the skin, smooth lines. Reduces fatigue look in the long term

Unisooth ST 32 Strengthen the skin's defences

Revitalin® Restart cellular energy

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