K-Palette Procast Eyeliner

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K-Palette breaks new ground with its latest eyeliner addition – Procast Eyeliner!

Meet the NEW Professional eyeliner standard; where Eyeliner-Meets-Skincare! Protect your eye zone from environmental stressors (PM2.5, Pollen & Dust) while experiencing vibrant colour intensity with an even and steady stream of pigment that will last all day long (highly resistant against water, sebum & smudging). Have control over drawing both thin and thick lines with ease thanks to the precise brush tip.

The revolutionary formula is also infused with 7 beauty ingredients to nourish the delicate eye area while promoting lash growth. In other words? It delivers everything you want in a liner, and then more.


- Remove the eyeliner easily with just warm water. Perfect for even the most sensitive eyes!

- Protects the eye area from external pollutants such as dust, pollen, PM2.5 and other forms of dirt in the air

- Quick-drying! Formula dries instantly to prevent any form of smudging.

- Formulated with 7 beauty essences to care for the delicate eye area while promoting lash growth

- Perfect application process! Packaging improvement elevates the lining experience with improved ink flow and alluring metal outlook.

- Ultimate precision! Ultra-fine brush provides both a sturdy lining application and a beautiful wing at the same time

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