Kruve Brew Stick Silver

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KRUVE Brew Stick

This Multi-purpose Brew Stick can be used to agitate grounds during the brew process for better tasting coffee or work as a long-form stir stick.

What's New in V2.0

Same great build and reach, now with textured grip and enlarged spoon.

- enlarged spoon surface - textured grip - refined shape for better balance in hand

What is Agitation? Agitation (sometimes referred to as turbulence) is the process of mixing or shuffling coffee grounds while brewing.

Why should I do this? When you agitate your coffee grounds, you ensure water passes through your coffee in a more uniform fashion, resulting in a better tasting coffee!


Food grade 304 Stainless Steel Length: 22cm (8.6in) Weight: 38g (1.3oz)

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