BeBemon Pants Type Diapers - Medium (36 pieces)

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・Weight: 7 - 10kg

・Swedish-made chlorine-free oxygen bleached tissue made of PEFC-certified Scandinavian woode applied.

・A nature-friendly absorbent layer filled with natural pulp made using FSC-certified wood

・Can feel a more comfortable fit by using a super cotton soft non-woven fabric that is breathable and soft

・Low denier rubber band is used to reduce irritation and incrase elasticity

・Tailored fit that is comfortable to wear and fits any body shape

・An absorbent layer that can last for 12 hours and a double barrier that prevents urine leakage even when a child is lying on the side

・Absolute Urine Alert Line that changes color when diapers are wet and informs when to change them

・All made in Korea

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