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PETITUDO Natural Go-Go Hydrating Rinse-free Pet Spray

Suitable for all pets

A Super Hydrating Blend Power- Packed with Aloe Vera, Papaya, Strawberry, and Coconut Oil

Protects against and repairs UV damage.

Suitable for a quick cleaning in between wet showers.

Reduces and controls yeast and fungal infections.

Fruity Summer scents

When to use?

  • Cleaning pet’s paws after a walk
  • Partial cleaning
  • Can’t take a bath (injury, sickness, cold weather or great for traveling)
  • In-between bath time
  • Anytime

How to use?

  • Spray into hands and apply generously throughout the coat, skin, and face. Avoid the eye area. Allow airing dry. No need to wet coat or rinse off.


  • A combination of natural fruits rich in vitamin C for a refreshing waterless bath - Topical vitamin C through its anti-inflammatory properties helps control sebum (oil) production within the skin. A fruity refreshing scent
  • Aloe Vera neutralizes the effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation -Repair damage caused by ultraviolet radiation.
  • Organic Coconut oil for hydrating and moisturizing -Creating sleek and glossy coats, controls and reduces yeast and fungal infections
  • Developed to clean your pet without rinsing. -Rinse-free, worry-free. A time-saver that can be used in between wet showers.
  • Cleaning your dog's paws after a walk or as a partial cleanse -A small bottle that is convenient to bring around and use any time.
  • Used when your pet is unable to take a bath, such as an injury, sickness, cold weather, or during traveling -Keep pets clean and hydrate the skin and coat during cold weather or post-surgery care.

No Paraben, SLS, Petrochemicals, Synthetic Colours & Fragrances. Cruelty-Free. Organic Ingredients Where Possible . 100% Vegan

Made in Australia. Product of Singapore

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