Anlan EMS Eye Beauty Device - Heated

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  • 1. [Concentrated care] Change the appearance of your eyes and mouth areas by using it 10 minutes every day! ANLAN EMS eye beauty device is an all-in-one beauty device that allows you to experience the effects of EMS, heat, micro-vibration, iontophoresis, and two-color LED.

  • It is light and small so that you can pay attention to details such as the corners of the eyes and mouth. It looks elegant and makes a great gift idea.

  • 2. [2-color LED & Mode] You can use 1) red LED + heat + microvibration + iontophoresis, 2) blue LED + heat + EMS. The number of vibration rotations, optical beauty treatment, and head parts have been improved from the conventional eye beauty device.

  • 3. [Bipolar type with the latest technology] The distance that the current flows is shortened, and the energy of the EMS can be used to the maximum. The weight and massage area has been improved and the conduction of heat is comfortable.

  • 4. [Vibration & iontophoresis facial equipment] The delicate vibrations transmitted from the product at 16,000 times per minute stimulate the skin deeply, delivering beauty ingredients that cannot be obtained with just using your hand, reaching the dermis layer that cannot be reached with normal care. penetrates and tightens the skin.

  • 5. [Aesthetic care anytime, anywhere] It can be conveniently charged using USB and can be used for a long time after being fully charged. Ultra-lightweight at only 55g and easy to carry. You can carry it around and use it whenever convenient!
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