Anlan Neck Beauty Device

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  • 3 Modes:
  • ①Clean mode: Clean up dirt from deep pores to shrink pores,
  • helpful for acne and improve dull skin.
  • ②EMS mode: This mode can effectively stimulate and relax the skin and help skin care product go deeply to keep skin moist.
  • ③Hot mode: This mode gently lifts and relaxes the skin, helping the skin restore its vitality.

  • 6 Features:
  • ①Positive and negative ions: utilize the principle of the absorption of positive and negative ions to remove the dirt in the deep pores and thoroughly clean them; through iontophoresis, the beauty ingredients are penetrated into the skin.
  • ②Vibration:use mechanical vibration and voltage stimulation to tighten skin, increase elasticity, and increase metabolism.
  • ③Warm:warm massage promotes blood circulation and helps the skin become radiant.
  • ④Red light: can effectively stimulate the skin, revitalize collagen, improve dark skin tone and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • ⑤Blue light:It can effectively improve skin problems, reduce acne issue and help to kill bacteria. Long term use can make skin rejuvenation and lead to a health skin.
  • ⑥Green light:It can promote the microcirculation of the body surface, dredge lymph and drain swelling.
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