Lifetrons 4-In-1 Multi-functional Beauty Treatment Set with Microcurrent Technology

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Nutrition Absorption | Reduce Wrinkles | Tighten Skin | Relieve Fatigue | Hair Removal

Lifetrons Beauty Transformer CE-3200 is a face massage and portable travel beauty kit. It acts as the most stylish beauty device and ready to use & travel at the same time. You can stay fresh and charged on every business trip whenever ready.


- Negative ions may help boost the absorption of active skincare ingredients

- Facial massage with micro-vibrations may help improve blood circulation and help tighten skin muscles.

- Hair removal head can help restore smooth, clean and beautiful skin.

Power Charger Specifications

- (PB-100) Watt-hour: 11.74 WH

- (PB-100) Charging capacity: 3200 mAH

- Working voltage: 3.7V

- Charging port: Micro-USB

- Power supply: USB 2.0

- Power output: USB 2.0/5V 2.4A

Massage Head Specifications

- Working voltage: 3.7V

- Ion intensity: 5.0V

- Power: 0.5W Max.

- Power supply: USB 2.0

- (PH-01/PH-02/PH-03) Micro-vibration frequency: 200Hz

- (PH-04) 630nm wavelength LED red light

- (PH-06) Working voltage: 5.0V

Application area: Face, Eye, Scalp

What's Inside

- T-shape massage head (PH-01)

- Scalp Massage Head (PH-02)

- Eye Massage Head (PH-03)

- Hair Removal (PH-06)

- Power Charge (PB-100)

- User guide

- USB Cable

- Warranty Card

- Travel Pouch

Limited Warranty

One-year international warranty*

*Or as required by law


- Keep out of reach of children

- To clean this product, wipe with a dry cloth - do not use any kind of liquid

- Do not expose inner electrical components to liquid or moisture

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