CASA BOGA Red Chilli Baby Squid Sambal Sotong Sambal Cumi Halal 230g

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Red Chilli Baby Squid Sambal: This is one of our best selling sambal also commonly known as baby sotong sambal. The difference of our baby squid sambal is in its ingredients which is very fragrant topped with baby squid bites. Our sambal is thick in texture as we do not use artificial thickening or coloring. They are made with high quality ingredients. You can enjoy this sambal with plain white rice as well as on the side with your favorite dish. For fusion delight, add them to your fried water spinach (kangkong), fried hokkien noodles or even kway teow! Local delights in a new tasty twist.

Our sambals are halal certified. You can enjoy them as dipping sauce for your fritters or snacks. They can also be a great addition to your food that needs a quick spicy fix or on the side with your favorite dish! Please refrigerate after opening.

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