Lifetrons Luggage Belt with 3 Digit Password Lock and Removable Digital Scale

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Product Description

This product is suitable for all kinds of baggage boxes in major channels. It can be used for baggage boxes under 32 inches and quickly detect baggage weight. Not only does it help to ensure the baggage checking requirements, but it is also able to disassemble as an electronic scale to know the weight of articles at any time.

The 3-digit code lock ensures that the baggage belt is not easy to steal. Additionally, you can attach hand-held accessories to reduce hand extrusion when hand carrying. Moreover, it is small in size (easy to carry), provide baggage reinforcement, avoids overweight, safety and stealing prevention.


It can be used on the standard baggage boxes under 32 inches

It can strengthen the baggage to avoid the contents dropped

Removable electronic scale design, the maximum weight is 40kgs, it is very convenient for scale baggage boxes or other items

Increase the identification of baggage claim

What's Inside

Luggage Belt with 3 Digit Password Lock and Removable Digital Scale x 1

Travel Bag x 1

LR1130 battery x 2

Hand-held accessories x 1

User guide x 1


Materials: ABS + Nylon belt

Dimensions: 70 x 130 mm

Length: 2.3m

Weight: 207g

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