Lifetrons Ultimate Facial Kit with 6 Functional Skin Treatment Technologies

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Electroporation (EP): By using electrical pulses to split skin cells, it allows optimal essence absorption into the skin. It will alleviate dry skin without disrupting the pH levels.

Lighten Black Spots & Revitalize Skin

Red Photon Light: Brightens your skin and black spots - Increases cell viability, accelerate metabolism and blood circulation. Red photon light is effective in lightening melanin and reducing black spots on the skin.

Fight Acne & Lighten Scars

Blue Photon Light: Effective in inhibiting bacterial growth and anti-inflammation. Blue photon light creates a highly oxidizing environment that suppresses inflammation, reduce skin acne and acne formation.

Satisfaction 93% of Users are satisfied with the effects and skin improvement

Product Specifications

Dimension:192*60*50 (mm)

Power source:USB

Battery capacity: 1200mAh


Designed in:Switzerland

Produced in:China

Warranty:1 year international warranty



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