Lifetrons Photon Facial Treatment Kit with Microcurrents and Light Therapy

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Designed especially for daily skincare needs, Lifetrons Photon Facial Lift combines four-photon treatment modes and micro-current technology. From now on, you can stay home while enjoying professional beauty treatments!

- Swiss design

- Red photon, Blue photon, Green photon & Mixed light

- Microcurrent facial lifting technology

- Stainless steel massage head - Safer without bacteria

- Anti-inflammation, whitening, facial lift - One device is all you need

Beauty Technology

Lifetrons Photon Facial Lift combines micro-current, blue photon light, red photon light and green photon light technologies in one portable beauty gadget. It helps restore natural beauty by curing acne, lifting facial muscles and lightening skin tone.

Lifetrons photon light tech is completely safe to use as this technology is also used in many beauty salons globally. Please wear safety goggles while using the device so as to prevent direct light contact with the eyes.

- Combines photon light therapy (red, green, blue and combination) with EMS technology for different skin treatment needs

- Gentle EMS currents use a unique secondary movement which may help tighten facial muscles, firm skin and improve elasticity

- Red photon light may help diminish wrinkles, promote collagen production, reduce fine lines, fade dark spots and balance skin tone

- Green photon light may help calm the skin, reduce redness and is ideal for sensitive skin

- Blue photon light may help reduce acne breakouts by eliminating bacteria in pores, controlling sebum production and calming skin inflammation

- Combination photon light is a mix of each light and may help the overall appearance of the skin by combining all features of each light into one treatment

- Various treatment time settings depending on skincare needs

- Rechargeable design with long-lasting battery life

Restore skin elasticity X Microcurrent

Microcurrent technology stimulates collagen growth in our dermis. Collagen reproduction leads to smooth skin and firm skin muscles. Through muscles exercising, it effectively lifts facial muscles and reshapes facial contours.


- Materials: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

- Battery capacity: Lithium polymer, 1000mAh

- Charging output: 5V

- Power supply: Recharge by charging port

- Charging time: 3 hours

- Red light wavelength: 630+/-10nm

- Greenlight wavelength: 525+/-10nm

- Blue light wavelength: 415+/-10nm

- Dimensions: 140.5 x 76 x 59mm

- Weight: 206g

What's Inside

- Photon Facial Treatment

- Charging cable

- User guide

Limited Warranty: One-year international warranty*

*Or as required by law


- This product is not waterproof - do not exposure inner electrical components to liquid or moisture

- Keep out of reach of children, small parts may cause choking

- Please ensure that the unit is fully charged before use


Lifetrons Switzerland beauty products are designed in Switzerland with advanced European beauty technologies. It is advisable that you could consult the doctor before using Lifetrons products:

- Sensitive skin.

- Do not use if pregnant.

- have a surgical implant, allergies, retinoic acid treatments, heart disease history or other medical condition.

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