Lifetrons Ultra Cleanser with Ions & EMS Technology

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This handy beauty device is a great combination of a food-grade silicone cleansing brush with micro-vibrations, EMS and ionic power for ultimate skincare. The 5 different levels of low-frequency micro-vibrations exfoliate and stimulate facial muscles for a more radiant appearance.

Low-frequency EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) microcurrents use a unique secondary movement that can help to lift and tighten facial muscles, resulting in improved elasticity. Positive ion treatment thoroughly cleanses the pores, removing the dirt and blackheads hidden deep within. Negative ion treatment divides the active ingredients of skincare into water-soluble ions, improving the permeability of skincare and enhancing the absorption capacity of the skin.

• Rated IPX5 water-resistant, perfect for your facial cleansing routine

• Rechargeable design with long-lasting battery life

• Designed in Switzerland, Made in China


• Battery Capacity: 400mAh

• Power Supply: Recharge via micro-USB port

• Charging Time: 2 Hours

What's Inside

• Ultra Cleanser CMD-100 x 1

• Micro-USB Cable x 1

• User Guide

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