CASA BOGA Shrimp Paste Sambal Halal 230g

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Shrimp Paste Sambal Chilli: You will never go wrong with delicious sambal range from Casa Boga. Shrimp Paste Sambal Chilli, one of our best selling sambal also commonly known as belacan or terasi in Indonesian. The difference of our Shrimp Paste Sambal is in its ingredients, which is very fragrant and tasty. Have them with your savory deep fry dish such as beancurd, tempeh, fish ball, otak-otak or keropok. They are great to be eaten with your favorite nasi lemak too! Make your favorite vegetable dish such as belacan kangkong (water spinach) / stir fry string bean and shrimp a delish! Definitely a must try if you love to cook!

Our sambals are halal certified. You can enjoy them as dipping sauce for your fritters or snacks. They can also be a great addition to your food that needs a quick spicy fix or on the side with your favorite dish! Please refrigerate after opening.

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